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Roof repair for commercial and residential roofs
“From residential (homes) to commercial (business), Roof Repair Guys have made a business out of what used to be a sideline in the roofing business. "

"Most roofing companies do not like to stop business to mess with roof repairs because they see them as time consuming and low profit. Not true. Roof Repair Guys have designed several different roof repair techniques that benefit both parties. We have discovered that there are a lot of customers who have a roofing problem and cannot find a roofing company to focus on just a repair. Roofing companies typically want to sell you a new roof because that is where the maximum dollar is made. We want to show you how to work with the existing roof and save a lot of money at the same time.”                          

Roof Repair Guys

Scott Reddin, owner of Reddin Roofing, and Blair Cornell, owner of RedCore Roofing and Construction, team up to bring you Roof Repair Guys.

As a concept we think roofing repairs can be as lucrative as they are intelligent. We have designed a concept that will help the new generation of roofer make choices based on a couple of important things.

One is that we believe that repairing residentially whenever possible is good not only for your bank account but also for the environment. (We can site examples)

And the other is that we believe that repairing commercially is a savings not only for the building owner but also  and more importantly  from tearing off a roof and replacing if. We can show you how to repair and use products that carry an Energy Star Rating so that you can use your existing roof and make it more efficient. That is our motto- Energy Star Roofing.

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