Roof Repair Guys are focused solely on the repair aspect of roofing. We look for the most cost effective ways to stop  leaky roofs, repair shingles, repair tile and metal roofs, fix flat roofs, weatherproof and winterize roofs, and inspect roofs for storm damage and other problems.

Roof repair can be cost effective if you focus on repairing rather than costly replacement.

We have many roof repair solutions that can help keep you from having to replace your roof. We look at roofing from a different point of view. Our goal is  to see your roof repaired so you can get the maximum out of your roof life and out of the  money you have already spent!


"From residential (homes) to commercial (business), we have made a business out of what used to be a sideline in the roofing business. Most roofing companies do not like to stop business to mess with repairs because they see repairs as time consuming and low profit. Not true.

Roof Repair Guys have designed several different repair techniques that benefit both parties. (read more)
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